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Life Dance Academy


ife Dance Academy (formerly known as Dance Attitudes) is a highly reputable and award winning dance studio located in Janesville, Wisconsin, specializing in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Liturgical Dance. At Life Dance Academy, they show every one of their dancers that hard work produces achievement and self-esteem that comes with the accomplishment of difficult and challenging skills under the direction of positive and encouraging teachers.

Life Dance Academy is known for technical excellence, professionalism and positive values! They believe in seeking excellence from all of their students appropriate to their age level and interest. This can only be accomplished with a team effort from the students, parents, their teachers, staff and their many friends & supporters.

Life Dance Academy is also home to the award winning competition team. Competing at several dance competitions throughout the year, this elite group of dancers are known for their technical excellence and their emotional presence onstage.

Their students have gone on to perform in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City. As well as Cruise Lines, National Tours (Cats), Universal Dance Association (UDA), College Dance Teams and have become Dance Educators themselves.

Ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip hop,poms,tap,competition team – Ongoing


allet, their classes emphasize technique, terminology, strength, flexibility, and choreography. Proper body placement is taught to prevent injury. All levels are offered. Ages 3-adult.

Jazz is a progressive form of dance that uses traditional ballet technique and is performed to the latest upbeat music. Jazz is presented through creativity, style, and fast skillful movements. All levels offered. Ages 7-adult

Tap is a form of dance based on rhythmic patterns. This class is taught under the Al Gilbert method, with our own style and pizzazz to make it fun and innovative. all levels offered. Ages 5-adult.

Lyrical dance is choreographed to interpret the emotions of the music with the intention that the audience will feel the lyrics to the song. Lyrical is a technically strong creative mixture of both ballet and jazz. Ballet background is required. Ages 11-adult.

Hip Hop is an exciting, upbeat, fun, fast-paced form of dance and exercise that is choreographed to the latest hip hop and pop music. Ages 7-adult

Poms class teaches a variety of routines that prepares students for high school teams. Ages 7-adult.

Worship Dance is dance class that is done to all christian pop and rock music with the purpose of glorifying God.

Competition Team, this class is chosen through an annual audition for the sole purpose of learning choreography for performing and competing.

Any questions, please contact Tanya Adkins, studio director

1212 Plainfield Ave
Janesville, Wisconsin